CASE № 6


Cubux is a popular online bookkeeping, intended for both small and medium businesses. The current service is notable for its simplicity and convenience: the developers managed to create a user-friendly interface which provides perfect operation with the functionality. The large users amount operation mode is available as well: each user action is recorded, therefore there is an opportunity to allow just certain operations types to be performed in various modules.


Highly available and productive service creation by Apache + Nginx bunch appliance as well as a MySQL cluster creation, which will provide a chance to distribute the database to a large nodes number, independent of each other. Cluster use will further provide a chance for the project to be scaled as well as project availability to be improved, while reducing the errors likelihood.


The project used Apache only while other services and MySQL parameters were close to the standard ones, therefore the engineers were required to start using Nginx and Apache for further operation in order to complete the task, as well as to customize MySQL settings and services to the online service requirements.


A detailed online service analysiS has been carried out, certain required measures have been developed and applied to improve the websites and servers performance and security.

Server security audit.

Web app settings optimization, apache replacement with nginx.

MySQL cluster creation and configuration.


All the vulnerabilities have been successfully fixed, the servers have been configured individually for the project during the project audit. Besides all the servers have being monitored 24/7 in order to provide the engineers with services and websites availability data. MySQL cluster configured in order to ensure the websites accessibility, which allowed us to increase the service availability several times after its successful implementation.


we managed to complete all the main and additional tasks, provided by the customer upon the operation completion - service availability indicators have become close to 100%, monitoring and database cluster for the project has been created. Website performance tests showed an average increase of 70% -100%.