CASE № 4


«MediaNation» Agency has been providing comprehensive services for business management on the Internet since 2008 while using the most modern advertising, development and analytics approaches, as well as own automation technology development at different Internet business stages. The company’s employees provide an integrated approach to the customer while performing a complete structure, navigation, management system, hosting and website usability analysis. MediaNatia is a certified Google Adwords and Yandex Direct agency, Begun accredited agency, certified [email protected] agency s well as gold certified 1-C Bitrix partner.


Client websites cleaning and viruses removal as well as and websites operation optimization by using Google PageSpeed ​​Insights.


Over 100 websites were FreeBSD servers-based. Spam viruses as well as improper mail operation were found out in the audit and a comprehensive check result. In general, the entire infrastructure required major improvements. Websites worked slowly s well as most of the code failed to function due to virus inserts. So, the centralized websites access system for developers in a limited environment has been organized. Complete apps optimization, used by the websites (database, web server and interpreter) have been completed. Websites viruses have been removed. Loading monitoring has been installed. A backup system was also set up with a period of 30 days to keep all files and databases copies.


Certain measures to improve the customer’s website performance and security has been developed and then implemented successfully.

About 150 websites, hosted on over 10 various hosting providers, have been optimized in the task completing process.

We’ve created and configured a virtuozzo cloud storage cluster file which responds to customers’ requests.

The environment logic has been completely redesigned and operating system has been changed as well.


After a detailed analysis, it was decided to transfer to the fault-tolerant infrastructure with the file cluster virtuozzo cloud storage. In the process of transfer and configuration, the project infrastructure and the operating system have been completely changed. CentOS 7 was chosen as the new OS. Сentralized websites access system for developers in limited environments has been organized шin order to increase the project security. Besides it was required to make a full apps (database, web server and interpreter) optimization being used. Websites viruses have been removed and monitoring has been installed. A backup system was set with 30 days all files and databases copies storage period.


The tests showed the website performance increase by an average of 70-100% once being transferred to a new environment. Besides all project websites optimization by Google PageSpeed ​​Insights has been performed as well.