CASE № 3

New sample cash registers sale, connection and maintenance federal operator. The company is engaged in CRF and FTS sale and connection as well as hardware and software customization and regular cash registers maintenance. Affiliate network contributes a great opportunity to provide the services throughout the Russian Federation, while delivering and setting up equipment in asap.


Ensure website security and availability 24/7 a swell as make the website operation stable, set up interconnected servers cluster which meets the project’ goals.


There were constant website operation issues, namely it worked unstable way while often providing certain bugs. It was required to set up a caching system, resolve a backup issues as well as increase website pages loading speed.


The work was started with a detailed entire server structure analysis, as well as additional servers implementation plan creation, required for the stable project operation.

The initial website (files and database) multiple daily backup system including the versions availability for the last 20 days has been successfully configured.

It became possible to organize the project availability in any emergency situations due to keepalived front servers configuration.

Unique caching mechanism for CMS WordPress has been developed.


Fail-safe web and database clusters, which meet customer needs, have been organized. Two keepalived front servers are used in the cluster structure in order to redistribute requests in any cluster servers failure event, which provides a great chance to keep the project running continuously. Classic master-slave mechanism was chosen as a database cluster, since it has got a higher data exchange rate as well as ensures both constant synchronization and data integrity.


We’ve developed a unique caching mechanism for CMS WordPress according to the individual client’s needs, which provides a chance to have constantly cached pages as well as deliver them at an incredibly high speed. Besides we took fastcgi cache, used in nginx, as the current mechanism basis and developed a cache bot, bypassing the website pages as well as adding and clearing the cache automatically 24/7. This provides a chance to keep pages in the cache constantly while ensuring the highest content delivery rate.