CASE № 1


The company has developed a popular mobile health app. An application for managing stress and energy helps active people to set up their lifestyle so that they can do everything in time and feel great. Welltory will tell you whether to expect records from yourself today, whether there is a risk of getting sick, and what to do to feel better right now. The goal of the project is to help everyone improve their health, become more productive and happier. A health monitoring service is provided through an application for smartphones. The mobile application of the project in the Google Play Market currently has more than 500,000+ installations.


High quality hosting search and project optimization, high-quality interaction configuration between all services and servers.


High-loaded project met the high-quality hosting and highly qualified team, able to be trusted to implement DevOps practices issue in the Russian Federation. The initial stage required certain fast-growing infrastructure reservation- and scaling-related issues resolving. Both engineers and developers quickly started to interact and organize the architecture on LiveLinux servers basis, while weekly creating successively required steps adaptation works plan in order to achieve a stable project operation.


Weekly plans creation to achieve the result.

Analysis of the monitoring system and its metrics online.

Transfer to a new hosting and project efficiency increase.

Operational integration into the company team.


The cooperation started with the company's website transfer. , the entire infrastructure was relocated with an extensive technology stack from a large world-class hosting provider once the test has been completed successfully. Next, the task was to strengthen all servers operation and interaction which required 35 cluster servers to be used. Eighty-three tasks have been performed at the preparatory stage, the servers were configured for load balancing and entire system operation monitoring in order to achieve stable and high-quality operation which meets all customer’s requirements. Over 15 unique scripts have been created especially for the customers (auto vacuum cleaning, gelf ELK log cleaning, DDOS attack replay, etc).


Today LiveLinux provides full project support while using a wide monitoring tools and DevOps practices range and integrating into the company's team and interacting with the project developers. Our engineers managed to complete over 230 tasks during just a year of successful cooperation.